Pet Rescue Saga Level 586

petrescuelevel586 Target:
Rescue 10 pets in 40 moves
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 586 Tips

Pet rescue 586 is a tricky level. Don’t get dissapointed if you don’t complete it at once. First of all you need a friendly initial board (this is a matter of luck). When we say friendly, we mean, ideal, to be a balloon booster in it. Use the windmills to clear large cluster of blocks with a move and simultaneously drive the bombs to the bottom of the screen and activate the rocket as well. Use the rocket to destroy the columns with metal boxes and rescue the pets there. Use the bombs to rescue the remained pets (from the initial screen). From this point in order to complete the level in the remained moves, you have to create and clear large clusters of blocks that will activate the rocket really often.

Notice: Because of the difficulty of the level, if you’ve passed #586 it would be great if you could provide your tips/tactic in order to help other Rescuers beat it.

Pet Rescue level 586 Walkthrough Video

Are you trying to beat pet rescue level 586 unsuccessfully? The following walkhthrough video is what you need.

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