Pet Rescue Saga Level 597

petrescuelevel597 Target:
Rescue 6 pets in 40 moves
Get 8.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 597 Tips

After so many complaints about the difficulty of the level reduced the demanded number of rescued pet in 6 (from eight) and the level has become somehow easier. But the strategy you have to follow is the same. Take care the two more pets to get down from the 6th column. You’ll succeed it clearing blocks in the 5th column as your first moves. After that you have to rescue these initial four pets (almost simultaneously) using the rocket booster (that gets activated while clearing blocks) and half column boosters. Another point that needs your attention is that you want the two more pets to come in the board again from the 6th column. These are the pets that you must try to rescue with the same procedure as the previous. Don’t spend your moves aimlessly. They are really few, even if the pets to complete the level have become 6.

Pet Rescue level 597 Walkthrough Video

For those of you that have issues with Pet Rescue level 597, we offer you the following walkthrough vid.

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