Pet Rescue Saga Level 604



Rescue 10 pets in 50 moves
Get 7.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 604 Tips

Pet rescue level 604 is a really hard level and you need a friendly initial board in order to beat it, without boosters. Your first task is to release the balloon there is in the middle, bringing it to the bottom of the screen (this is not always easy to do it with a few moves). Your second (really difficult) task is to destroy the wire creator machines. You can do it either using the rocket that gets activated in the level, or the line blasters, after having driven both wire creator machines and line blasters to the bottom of the screen. (Another alternative solution is to destroy the wire creator mahcines of just a side,left or right, but this we think that reduces the possibilities of passing the level). Then you have to activate the rocket oftenly (if you are lucky you can have a balloon or two in the screen) in order to rescue the pets. Try to use the rocket in columns there are more than one pets (usually three) to save moves.

Pet Rescue level 604 Walkthrough Video

Here you can find tips and video for Pet Rescue level 604.

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