Pet Rescue Saga Level 625

petrescuelevel625 Target:
Rescue 1 pet
Get 16.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 625 Tips

Pet rescue level 625 is quite easy in the beginning of it. Just clear the blocks and just be careful (if you want to be a little safe) to keep the pet in the lowest parts of the screen. Release and use the first and the second key (you have to be careful to have at least a line blaster at your disposal when you’ll reach the first key, because it’s probable that you’ll need it here to release it). The difficult part of the level is in the end of it, where four metal boxes surrounded by wires prevent the pet’s rescuing. To make it easier try to keep as more line blasters as you can (two is ok) for this phase of the level.

Pet Rescue Level 625 Walkthrough Video

Can’t pass Level 625? You don’t need to worry! Just watch our walkhtrough video and try elaborate our tactic

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