Pet Rescue Saga Level 635


Rescue 10 Pets in 45 moves
Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Level 635 Tips

Pet Rescue 635 is a hard level to complete. First of all smash the wires around a balloon that has the same color as a block beside the key, in order to release it and use it. Rescue the first two pets really fast, trying to create same colored blocks in the left part of the screen. Try to use the paint brush boosters and the balloon boosters effectively in order to rescue more pets with the less possible moves. For example if you ‘ve activated the paint brush boosters and you have a balloon available. Use first the paint brush to rescue some pets (if possible) and after that use the balloon, so that the paint brush booster will be activated again. Keep the half line blaster there is in the screen to use it in your last moves.
It’s really often to have rescued some pets and new pets not to come above the screen, so that you lose some moves. Don’t get disappointed. It’s really possible to lose many lifes trying to pass this level without boosters.

Pet Rescue Level 635 Walkthrough Video

If you can’t beat Level 635 you don’t need to get upset.. stay focused and watch the video below:

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