Pet Rescue Saga Level 646

Rescue 12 Pets in 50 moves
Get 12000 Points

Pet Rescue Level 646 Tips

Pet rescue 646 is the first really tricky level of this episode. Your first task should be to release and use the two balloons in the upper corners of the screen, bringing them down hit in the wooden ledge. While trying to achieve this task you can rescue some pets and use the hammer booster that gets activated to destroy the blocks under the key in order to release it and use it. Have in mind to destroy the different colored blocks from balloons with the hammer. After having used the key (don’t spend so many moves to do it, because you’ll not make to complete the level) use the balloon boosters of the level (bringing them to the bottom of the screen to smash the glass), the line blasters and the hammer booster (that gets activated) to rescue the demanded number of pets. Don’t spend your moves aimlessly, they are not so many.

Pet Rescue Level 646 Walkthrough Video

The best way to beat Pet Rescue Level 646 is by watching the next video.

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