Pet Rescue Saga Level 655

Clear 99% of the Blocks
Get 3.000 Points

Pet Rescue Level 655 Tips

Another difficult level in this episode. In pet rescue 655 there is a great danger to lose two blocks while playing, staying out of moves, and lose your life. A key point in completing the level is to clear the blocks in the left of the screen before the ledge, without using the paint brush booster that gets activated. After done this, use the first paint brush early during the level, so that when you’ll reach the bottom of the screen to have activated it again for second time. There in the bottom of the screen you have to use the paint brush booster effectively in order to clear all the blocks.

Pet Rescue Level 655 Walkthrough Video

Still don’t know how to pass pet rescue level 655? You just need to watch this vid and understand our tactic.

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