Pet Rescue Saga Level 657

Rescue 15 Pets in 45 moves
Get 10.000 Points

Pet Rescue Level 657 Tips

Start clear the blocks under the concrete blocks having in mind that all the blocks in the last column (the column with the balloons and line blaster) must fall to the bottom. And when we say all we mean ALL: The balloons, the line blaster, the key, the infected block. When done this (use one or two of the balloons if it’s impossible to do it with the way the video shows) use the key to destroy the concrete blocks and then use the line blaster. With this way you’ll save the most of the initial pets. Then the key point to pass the level is NOT to try to rescue one pet one by one, but create large clusters of same colored blocks that when you clear them you’ll rescue (or almost rescue) more than one pets.

Pet Rescue Level 657 Walkthrough Video

Still find pet rescue level 657 difficult to pass? The following video shows the right strategy you have to follow in order to beat it.

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