Pet Rescue Saga Level 666

Rescue 3 Pets
Get 3.000 Points

Pet Rescue Level 666 Tips

Pet rescue 666 is another difficult level of this episode. Use the the half line blasters there are right of the screen to destroy the metal boxes there are in the left part of the screen. Simultaneously try to release and use the first key, only when the two line of concrete blocks will be in the screen. Use one of the line blasters there are in the left part of the screen to smash the wires around the 2nd key. After using the 2nd key your target is to drive at least three line blasters to the bottom of the screen clearing all the blocks under them. Use the line blasters one by one starting from the right one and you’ll have all your pets rescued.

Pet Rescue Level 666 Walkthrough Video

Level 666 is not an “evil” level! Watch the vid and find how to beat it:

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