Pet Rescue Saga Level 684

Rescue 9 Pets in 55 moves
Get 20.000 Points

Pet Rescue Level 684 Tips

Pet Rescue 684 is a really HARD level to be completed. You have to release the pets from their pet boxes bringing them side by side with a same colored block. Start from the left part of the screen and go on. But this is not enough. You have to clear the blocks under them, so that when you’ll use the key (will come above the screen and you’ll have to drive it to the bottom, in order to be activated) to be able to rescue them. Possible facts that will happen while playing: 1. You’ll not be able to release all the pets from their pet boxes, especially these in the edge of the screen. 2. You’ll not be able to use the key, or when use it will be very few moves to do in order to complete your task. 3. To have released all the pets and have used the key, but some pets to be encircled with blocks that can not be cleared.

Pet Rescue Level 684 Walkthrough Video

Below you can find our walkthrough video for Level 684!

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