Pet Rescue Saga Level 686

Rescue 10 Pets in 50 moves
Get 8.000 Points

Pet Rescue Level 686 Tips

This level contains what you need in order to complete your task: Windmill blocks, line and column blasters, bombs and the paint brush booster (that gets activated). Use the wind mill blocks in order to activate the column booster in the right part of the screen. Use it to rescue the pet in same column. Drive one of the line blaster to the bottom (using the paint brush booster that gets activated) use it to smash the wires of the second column booster. Use it to rescue the pet in this column. Then use the last line blaster to destroy the metal box that have remained in the screen. After that it’s quite easy to rescue the rest of the demanded number of pets.

Pet Rescue Level 686 Walkthrough Video

Can’t pass 686? Take a few minutes to watch our walkthrough video!

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