Pet Rescue Saga Level 691

Rescue 6 Pets
Get 6.000 Points

Pet Rescue Level 691 Tips

The difficult part in pet rescue 691 starts when you ‘ll see the bottom of the screen. You have to drive some line blasters to the bottom of the screen in order to destroy the metal boxes that prevent pets’ rescuing. This is not always easy. Another thing you should do to make things easier is to smash the wires of almost all the blocks. This will help you really to clear all the blocks and rescue the pets. To do it use the line blasters fearless, when you have moves to do. Because while you have moves to do, when use a line blaster, another one falls above the screen.

Pet Rescue Level 691 Walkthrough Video

The following video shows exactly what we did to complete Pet Rescue Saga level 691!

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