Pet Rescue Saga Level 696

Clear 100% of the blocks
Get 10.000 Points

Pet Rescue Level 696 Tips

Start clearing the blocks in the upper part of the screen. Use the line blaster, when activated to the line under the keys. Keep clearing the blocks till the bomb aside a key expplodes so that the key will be released. Use the key to destroy the concrete blocks. After that and when you see the bottom of the screen you must take care when clearing blocks and foresee the next combination of blocks in order not to a leave a sole one. We prefferred to keep the 2nd line blaster that got activated when cleared the first concrete blocks till the end of the level. It made things a lot easier.

Pet Rescue Level 696 Walkthrough Video

Still stuck on PPS level 696? No need for frustration! Keep calm and carefully study our walkthrough video guide!

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