Pet Rescue Saga Level 703

pet rescue

The tips and tricks on this page will help you complete Pet Rescue Saga level 703. Your mission is simple: to rescue 7 pets and score 3.00 points in 30 moves.

Rescue 7 Pets in 31 moves
Get 3.000 Points

Pet Rescue Level 703 Tips

In pet rescue 703 you can take advantage of boosters in order to advance to the next level. You are allowed to make 30 moves. You can use the paintbrush, the rockets and maybe also the balloons to complete the level.

Here are a few extra pointers:

Avoid bringing your pets down too fast. If you do this you will risk trapping them. Pet rescue saga is all about timing. The idea is to count down the bombs so that they remove cages from the bottom. Then you can drop your pets through matches.

– The more blocks you clear at once, the higher the chances of completing Pet Rescue Level 703.

– After you get rid of the cages you can drop pets by painting blocks in the same color with your paint cans.

Your middle pet might get trapped. If this happens you needn’t worry. Simply use the center bomb with the wire to blow up cages. Save two or three moves to set your final pet free.

– You cannot remove single blocks with boosters so you should try to avoid them.

Pet Rescue Level 703Walkthrough Video

The video below shows exactly what we did in order to solve #703

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