Pet Rescue Saga Level 704

Pet rescue 2Congratulations for advancing to level 704 of Pet Rescue Saga. On this level your goal is simple: you have to clear the board and gather 10.000 points.

Clear 100% of blocks

Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 704 Tips

In Pet Rescue Saga level 704 you have to clear all the blocks and get 10.000 points. The first thing you should know is that the more stars you earn, the more points you will have. Below you can view the video walkthrough, but here are a few extra tips that will help you:

– Try to remove colors in this order: pink first, then red, yellow and green.

– Charge up balloons to set up better matches on the board. Balloons clear out all of one type of color. Look around your board and use them to line up same types of blocks better.

– You will receive many bonus blocks on Pet Rescue Saga Level 704. Take advantage of them in order to obtain more points and also charge up your balloons.

– Take notice of the ledges. If you do not use the blocks on your ledges you will not clear the level. You might need to drop some blocks under the ledge for a block to pass through (with the help of balloon boosters).

Pet Rescue Level 704Walkthrough Video

The video below shows exactly what we did in order to solve #704

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