Pet Rescue Saga Level 705

pet rescue 705
Hello and welcome back to the most popular animal rescue game out there. This is a walkthrough for level 705 of Pet Rescue Saga. If you are struggling with the pet rescue game you should definitely check out our other tips and tricks. Before you can advance to the next level you must score 8.000 points and rescue 35 pets with 40 moves.

– Rescue 35 pets in 40 moves.

– Get 8.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 705 Tips

Beating Pet Rescue Saga level 705 is easy if you follow our advice. Your objective is to save 35 pets. Here’s how:

– The first thing you need to do on this pet rescue saga level is to unlock the bottom row of metal cages with your matches. After you do this, charge up a line blast and use it to remove remaining metal blocks.

– Use the paintbrush tool to bring your carriers and caged half line blasts to the bottom of the screen.

– As you can see in the video, pets will stack on top of each-other. You can take advantage of this by bringing down caged half line blasts. Once opened they will drop and open pet carriers through your columns. The idea is to wait until your column is full of carriers and pets (you only need a match to make this work).

– We recommend you to match up as many like-color pet carriers as possible. By doing this, the line blast will immediately drop your pets instead of simply opening your carriers.

You can easily gather all your pets in Pet Rescue Saga level 705, as long as you don’t forget to stack them.

Pet Rescue Level 705Walkthrough Video

The video below shows exactly what we did in order to solve level #705

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