Pet Rescue Saga Level 713

Pet Rescue Saga level 713

level 713

Are you stuck on level 713 of Pet Rescue Saga? Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it looks. With our help and a little luck you will crack Pet Rescue Saga level 713 without breaking a sweat. Although you don’t have to rescue any pets in this level, you will have to 100% of blocks.

– clear 100% of blocks

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 713 Tips

If you follow our tips and tricks you will clear Pet Rescue Saga level 713 in no time:

– First, you have to bring your balloons and key to the bottom of the board. The keys are enclosed in glass. By bringing them to the bottom you will be able to use them for unlocking. Balloons will help you remove blocks in order to prepare bigger matches.

– As you can see from the video tutorial, in Pet Rescue saga level 713 you have to find better color matches. Use your bonuses wisely and try not to leave any blocks behind. You can also use rockets to bring your keys to the bottom of the board.

– Combine bonus blocks to rack up more points and to charge your rocket. You’ll need the rocket later.

– Don’t forget to save one of your rockets for the bottom of your board. This way you will ensure that no left-over blocks come in the way of your win.

These tips should help you pass Pet Rescue Saga level 713 without any problems. If you have further questions please check our video tutorial.

Pet Rescue Level 713 Walkthrough Video

See, level 713 of Pet Rescue Saga wasn’t that hard, was it? Do you still have questions about Pet Rescue Saga level 713? The video below shows exactly what we did in order to solve level #713. The game is supported by Android and iPhone app devices so you can play it even when you’re on the run!

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