Pet Rescue Saga Level 720

Are you having trouble with Pet Rescue Saga? Here is the complete video walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga level 720. You can find more hints on our website. As a matter of fact, we have all the tutorials you need for levels one to 750+. We are adding new levels every day!


– Rescue 10 pets.

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 720 Tips

Your objective on Pet Rescue Saga level 720 is to save 10 Pets. The board has a rhombus shape and it contains normal blocks, bombs, caged blocks, and pet cages. In other words, before you can save any pets, you have to first free them from their cages. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you succeed:

– Focus on freeing your pets with the help of big combinations. There are limited options from freeing pets from cages. You can either combine two cages of the same color, or use bombs/line blasters on them.

– The booster for this level is the balloon. It will definitely be useful if you want to get rid of certain blocks that are getting in the way of you saving your pets. You can also use them to open pet cages.

– Don’t forget that you have a limited amount of moves that you can use, so you have to make them count. You get 1000 bonus points for extra moves remaining at the end of a level. You can use them to collect more stars for this level. Pet Rescue Saga Level 720 isn’t difficult, especially if you follow our tips.

Pet Rescue Level 720 Walkthrough Video

When words fail, videos provide with the solution. The following video shows what we did in order to finish Pet Rescue Saga Level 720. There may be better walkthroughs available online, but we are positive that this one will help you a lot.

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