Pet Rescue Saga Level 735

Pet Rescue Saga level 735


Congratulations for making it to Pet Rescue Saga Level 735. We warned you that the game is addictive. Here are the hints you will need to finish this level. For more tips and tricks on Pet Rescue Saga you should check out our website.


-Rescue 14 pets

– Get 50.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 735 Tips

The following hints will help you complete level 735 of Pet Rescue Saga faster:

– Most pets are caged, and you will have to combine blocks with the same color near them if you want them freed.

– You should also focus on bringing your key (on the right side of the screen), to the bottom. Make as many combinations as possible to move the key to the left.

– Continue with big combos to bring all your pets to the bottom of the board. You can also use the hammer booster to remove annoying blocks.

Pet Rescue Level 735 Walkthrough Video

If you’re still having trouble with Pet Rescue Saga Level 735 we urge you to take a look at the video tutorial below. This should help you successfully complete the level and advance further.

Don’t forget that you can play the game from Android and iPhone apps.

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