Pet Rescue Saga Level 741

Pet Rescue Saga level 741 help


Welcome to our Pet Rescue Saga Level 741 walkthrough. On this page you will find all the hints and tricks you need in order to advance to level 742. We know that some levels can be tricky, and this is why we accompany our written tutorials with video guides. Good luck!


-Rescue 12 pets.

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 741 Tips

This level is extremely tricky. At the start of the level all your pets will be trapped in cages. You can use the balloon to set them free. Here are a few other tips for Pet Rescue Saga Level 741 that might come in handy:

– Every time you successfully hit a combination, a green spore will appear on the board. Green spores combine like any other blocks: when two or three are together, you can explode them. Your main objective is to avoid having your pets stuck between them.

– Your bonus tool for this level is the hammer. It is very useful. Use it to get rid of single blocks which are blocking your pets.

– On Pet Rescue Saga level 741 you are allowed to make 40 moves, so use them wisely. Focus on moving your pets to the bottom of the board as soon as possible.

Pet Rescue Level 741Walkthrough Video

If the written tips didn’t help you very much, you should check out our video walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga level 741. Do exactly what we do in the video and you will be able to clear the level in no-time. Good luck!

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