Pet Rescue Saga Level 742

Pet Rescue Saga level 742


As you can probably see, Pet Rescue Saga is becoming harder with every level. On Pet Rescue Saga Level 742 you have to save 7 pets and obtain 3000 points. On this page you will find several hints that will help you crack this level.


-Rescue 7 pets.

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 742 Tips

At the beginning of the level you will have 7 line blasters, which are facing upwards, at the top of the board. Read the following Pet Rescue Saga Level 742 tips to find out how to use them:

– Your objective is to move the blasters towards the bottom of the board. With every combination you make, more blocks will appear on the board.

– On the right side of the board you will see all the pet cages stacked. Combining blocks on the bottom of the board will line up your cages, horizontally, under the locked blocks. Use the key to unlock these blocks.

– Combine cages with blocks of the same color to free pets. Each pet will be placed over specific blocks. The line-blasters are used to bring your pets to the bottom of the board faster.

– You can get rid of solo blocks with the help of the bonus Hammer tool.

Pet Rescue Level 742 Walkthrough Video

In the video below you can see exactly what we did in order to clear Pet Rescue Saga Level 742. We hope that watching us solve the level will help you. Next up is level 743 of Pet Rescue Saga. Good luck!

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