Pet Rescue Saga Level 743

Pet Rescue Saga level 743 walkthrough

level 743

Many players consider Pet Rescue Saga Level 743 one of the hardest levels. As a matter of fact, some have referred to it as impossible. We will prove them wrong! In the following guide we will tell you how to beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 743.


-Rescue 1 pet

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 743 Tips

How difficult can it be to save one pet? As it turns out, it can be very difficult, especially when it is trapped between locked blocks. The board is divided in to sections: one contains regular blocks that you can combine. The left side of the board contains a caged key, the pet, a regular block and locked block. Here’s how you can save your critter in Pet Rescue Saga Level 743:

– You should start by clearing the right side of the board. This shouldn’t be very difficult considering your experience with the game. Make sure you save at least one block that has the same color as the one at the far left side of the screen.

– On the top-right part of the screen you will observe a caged line blaster. You must use it to free the key and unlock the block. Once you have cleared the block, it will move under the locked block. You should use it then.

– If you are having trouble with solo blocks, you can use your bonus Hammer tool to explode them.

Pet Rescue Level 743 Walkthrough Video

Are you still struggling with Pet Rescue Saga level 743? Don’t worry, the following video tutorial will show you everything you need to do in order to clear it.

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