Pet Rescue Saga Level 744

Pet Rescue Saga level 744

level 744If you had to save one pet on the last level, on Pet Rescue Saga Level 744 you have to save then times that number. Are you finding it hard to save all your pets? The following guide will help you clear the level without any problems.


-Rescue 10 pets.

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 744 Tips

There are several elements that you need to watch out for on this level. First of all, there are four cages that may end up trapping your pets. If this happens, you can use line blasters to free them. You will also benefit from 7 line blasters, three of which are caged. Take a look at the following tips for Pet Rescue Saga level 744:

– Start by clearing the right side of your board. you want to bring your line blasters to the bottom of the screen. If any of your pets gets stuck in cages you don’t have to panic. You have more than enough line blasters to free them.

– Focus on creating matches of the same color. For example, try to clear red blocks in order to leave more yellow and red on the board. This will help you finish the game in 50 moves.

– Use the bonus hammer tool to remove inconvenient blocks.

Pet Rescue Level 744 Walkthrough Video

Did you find out written tips for Pet Rescue Saga level 744 useful? If you are still struggling you should take a look at our video walkthrough.

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