Pet Rescue Saga Level 749

Welcome to the Pet Rescue Saga Level 749 walkthrough page. Here you can find a great video tutorial that will explain exactly what moves we made to complete the level, as well as several written tricks that should be enough to help you make sense of the level. You can find more tips for Pet Rescue Saga on our homepage.
– Clear 100% of blocks

– Gather 3.000 points

 Pet Rescue Level 749 Tips

First of all, let’s talk about the board. From our perspective, it is pretty standard: you have many normal blocks, a free line blaster, metal blocks and several caged line blasters that detonate once freed. Here are the tips that will help you clear all the blocks:

– Make combinations near the caged line blasters to detonate them. This will enable you to clear those pesky metal blocks that always seem to get in the way. Each line blaster has a pre-determined trajectory (some are facing downwards while others will detonate horizontally).

– You should save your free line blaster for later, to get rid of remaining solo blocks.

– The bonus tool for Pet Rescue Saga Level 749 is the hammer. This tool is also useful for removing remaining solo blocks. We only used it once but you can re-charge it by making big combinations.

Pet Rescue Level 749 Walkthrough Video

Are you still stuck on Pet Rescue Saga Level 749? Take a look at our video tutorial to see what we did in order to complete it. Good luck!

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