Pet Rescue Saga Level 752

Hello and welcome to Pet Rescue Saga Level 752! We hope that the tips you found on the previous levels have helped you progress in the game. If you are having trouble with level 752, and you are trying to advance to level 753, you should find all the answers you need here.


-Rescue 3 pets.

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 752 Tips

Pet Rescue Saga Level 752 is an extremely peculiar level. You have two bombs, one engulfed in fire and the other frozen, three line blasters, three pets, normal blocks and some annoying obstacles. Here’s how  you can beat the level:

– Make good combos in order to bring your bombs, pets and line blasters to the bottom of the board. You can use the line blasters to free your bombs.

– As you move towards the bottom you will discover several caged blocks. Free them carefully, otherwise you will block your pets.

– Use the hammer booster to remove pesky solo blocks.

This is all you need to know to finish Pet Rescue Saga Level 752. As long as you do good block combos  you should be able to complete the stage with ease.

Pet Rescue Level 752 Walkthrough Video

Are you still struggling with level 752 of Pet Rescue Saga? The following video tutorial should help you make sense of the level. It shows exactly what we did in order to complete the level. Good luck!

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