Pet Rescue Saga Level 753

Congratulations for reaching Pet Rescue Saga Level 753. We hope that our previous tips and tricks have helped you progress. If you want to check out our other tutorials feel free to browse the website. We have all the answers you need for levels 1 to 750+ of Pet Rescue Saga.

On this page you will find answers and hints for level 753 of Pet Rescue Saga, as well as a video walkthrough.


-Rescue 10 pets.

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 753 Tips

As you start the level you will see that the board is surrounded by caged & locked blocks. This will make it extremely difficult for you to rescue your pets. Here are the tricks that will help you survive Pet Rescue Saga Level 753:

– You have 45 moves to make this work. The goal is to make big combos in order to un-cage locked blocks. The key should be moved to the bottom of the board, but don’t rush into using it, otherwise you won’t unlock enough locked blocks.

– Use the line blaster bonus to clear problematic blocks, and move your pets towards the bottom of the board.

– Once you have successfully removed locked blocks that are keeping your pets from being rescued (the ones at the bottom) you must focus on bringing the pets down.

– If you have solo blocks under your pets you should make combos in order to bring normal blocks of the same color to the bottom of the board.

– New caged & locked blocks will appear. Move the new key down in order to free them.

Pet Rescue Level 753 Walkthrough Video

Are you still having trouble with Pet Rescue Saga Level 753? The following video tutorial should help you get through it!

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