Pet Rescue Saga Level 758

758You needn’t worry if you got stuck on Pet Rescue Saga Level 758. It was hard for us as well, but we found a way to beat the level. The following written & video guide will help you complete the current stage in no time. Take a look at our tips.


-Clear 100% blocks

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 758 Tips

In my opinion, the hardest levels are the ones where you have to clear 100% of blocks. They are even worse when you get a lot of metal blocks. Sadly, this is the case for Pet Rescue Saga level 758. After several attempts, we managed to crack the level. here’s how:

– We focused on combinations at the top of the board, in order to avoid solo blocks at the end. The next step was to make combinations beneath the metal bars.

– Use the balloon wisely. I suggest using it after you charge the first rocket booster, in order to increase the chances of charging it again.

– Clearing entire columns of blocks will move the other ones to the left side of the board, and this will make it easier to use bombs effectively.

Pet Rescue Level 758 Walkthrough Video

We have created a video tutorial for Pet Rescue Saga Level 758. You should watch it if you are still having troubles passing this level.

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