Pet Rescue Saga level 759

759I hope you find our tips & tricks useful. On this page you will find all the help you need in order to beat Pet Rescue Saga level 759. This level is definitely not difficult, at least not compared to other levels, but you might have encountered some hiccups along the way. The following tips will help you clear the stage in no time:


-Rescue 16 pets

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 759 Tips

On Pet Rescue Saga Level 759, your objective is to save 16 pets. As you may have observed, there are two separate columns on each side of the board, that contain two pets. You also have several caged line blasters that you must free and use. Follow these steps to clear the level:

– Make combinations on the left and ride side of the screen (on the columns) to bring your vertical line blasters to the bottom of the board. This will uncage them. Use them to bring your pets down.

– You have to free the pets for both sides in order to have others drop on the board.

– Use the balloon blaster to get rid of pesky solo-blocks.

– Remember that you have a limited amount of moves to make this work, so use them wisely.

Pet Rescue Level 759 Walkthrough Video

Are you still struggling with pet Rescue Saga level 759? The following video tutorial should definitely help you complete it faster. Good luck!

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