Pet Rescue Saga Level 760

760Great news! We finally managed to crack Pet Rescue Saga Level 760. It was a tough one, wouldn’t you agree? After several attempts we managed to clear the stage.The following written and video tutorials should help you complete the level in no time. Good luck.


-Rescue 8 pets

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 760 Tips

The Pet Rescue Saga Level 760 board is similar to the one on 759. You have two columns of blocks on the left and right side of it, several line blasters, metal blocks and normal blocks. The following tips will help you complete the level:

– Your immediate goal is to destroy the metal blocks with the help of your line blasters. As soon as you do this, pets will start dropping on your middle blocks.

– Make big combos and avoid solo blocks to bring your pets to the bottom of the board.

– The booster for Pet Rescue Saga Level 760 is the rocket. Make sure you use it to clear annoying blocks.

Pet Rescue Level 760 Walkthrough Video

Sometimes, written tutorials are not enough to help you make sense of a level. This is exactly why we accompany every Pet Rescue Saga level with a video walkthrough. The one below will help you crack Pet Rescue Saga Level 760. The block layout may not be exactly the same, but they will give you an idea about what you need to do to finish the stage.

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