Pet Rescue Saga Level 769

Pet Rescue Saga level

Pet Rescue Saga levelThe Pet Rescue Saga level 769 guide is up. Check out our tips, tricks and video walkthrough if you are struggling to beat this stage of the game. Additionally, you can take a look at all our previous video tutorials. We have all the answers for Pet Rescue Saga levels one to 750+.


– Clear 100% of blocks

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 769 Tips

The layout of this board is pretty standard, except for the key that is stuck somewhere at the right side of the screen. Read our tips for Pet Rescue Saga Level 769 to complete it:

– As you begin to make combinations, caged & locked blocks will appear on the screen. If you make a combination near them they will unlock and remain on the spot where you last left them.

– Make a combination near the key to unlock it, and use it to free up space on the board. Continue with combinations to bring your pets to the ground.

– Use the rocket booster to save your remaining pets. Every time you use a key, another one will fall in its place. Use it if you need to unlock more blocks.

Pet Rescue Level 769 Walkthrough Video

Are you still having trouble completing Pet Rescue Saga Level 769? No problem! The following video guide will help you complete it in no time. Good luck.

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