Pet Rescue Saga Level 772

Pet Rescue Saga Level 772 may seem easy at first, but it is actually a tricky level. The goal is to save the four pets which appear at the top of the board. Here’s how you can do it.


– Rescue 4 pets

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 772 Tips

The board for Pet Rescue Saga level 772 looks very much like previous ones. The main objective is to not lose your pets as you move towards the bottom. Here are a few tricks that should help you:

  • Your bonus tool for this round of Pet Rescue Saga is the paint bucket. It can be extremely useful in removing problematic solo-blocks that are blocking your pets. Make as many combinations as possible to charge it.
  • You will also have some locked cages for which you must use the key. By dropping it on locked blocks you will be able to unlock them.
  • Although the locked blocks are also caged, you should have no trouble freeing them by making combinations next to them.
  • Save your last paint bucket bonus for your remaining blocks. This will ensure your victory over Pet Rescue Saga Level 772.

Pet Rescue Level 772 Walkthrough Video

Are you still struggling with this level? Don’t worry! The Pet Rescue Gurus are here to help you. Below you can find the complete video tutorial that shows you what we did in order to beat Pet Rescue Saga level 772. We hope it helps.


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