Pet Rescue Saga Level 773

Congratulations for reaching Pet Rescue Saga Level 773. Are you enjoying the game so far? We have to admit that level 773 was quite a struggle, mainly because there are so many rows to clear. After several attempts we finally managed to crack it. Here’s what we did.


– Rescue 7 pets

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 773 Tips

For Pet Rescue Saga Level 773 you have to clear around 40 rows of blocks. For this level you will find bombs, normal blocks, paint buckets, caged blocks, pets, line blasters and double-caged blocks.

  • The line blasters make a 90 degree turn every time you make a move. They should only be used when they have a favorable position.
  • The bombs should be used to get rid of problematic solo or caged blocks.
  • Your bonus for Pet Rescue Saga level 773 is the hammer tool. This can also be used to destroy solo blocks.
  • Save your paint bucket for the final rows of the level. It will greatly improve your chances of completing the level.
  • The row before the final one only has two ‘holes’ through which you can drop your pets. In order to save them you will have to remove columns of blocks. This will move all your other blocks towards the left.

Pet Rescue Level 773 Walkthrough Video

Are our instructions too vague? That’s because the level is very hard. As you can see from the video tutorial, it took us five minutes to get Pet Rescue Saga Level 773 done. If you are still having problems with this level we suggest you to check out our video.


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