Pet Rescue Saga Level 776

Are you stuck on Pet Rescue Saga Level 776? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. The hints and video tutorial provided below should help you complete the level in no time.


– Rescue 4 pets

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 776 Tips

For this level of Pet Rescue Saga you have to save 4 pets. On this board you will encounter metal blocks, bombs, normal blocks and, obviously, pets.

  • The top of the board has a T-Shape, which means that you have to drop your blocks and pets through the middle space.
  • Focus on clearing metal blocks with the help of bombs. If you ignore them they might end up blocking your pets.
  • Focus on moving your pets to the bottom of the board. Use your bonus tool, the line blaster, to get rid of problematic blocks.

Pet Rescue Level 776 Walkthrough Video

If you can’t manage to complete Pet Rescue Saga Level 776 you should take a look at the video tutorial we posted below. It shows you exactly what we did in order to complete this stage. Good luck!


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