Pet Rescue Saga Level 779

You are so close to level 780 of Pet Rescue Saga, another milestone on your adventure. We are here to help you! On this page you will find answers to Pet Rescue Saga Level 779. So, without further ado, here are our tips and tricks.


– Rescue 1 pet

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 779 Tips

For Pet Rescue Saga level 779 you must rescue one pet, oh, but that one pet! The board for this stage contains bombs, caged bombs, line blasters and normal blocks. You have to clear 16 rows before you can rescue your pet. Here are a few useful hints:

  • Start with combinations of normal blocks and make your way towards the bottom of your board.
  • The booster for Pet Rescue Saga Level 779 is the faithful hammer. We recommend saving it for last, as you will probably need it.
  • You will also encounter several line blasters that are facing downwards. Use them to remove problematic columns of blocks. Once your pet is saved the level will be complete.

Pet Rescue Level 779 Walkthrough Video

Are you still having problems on this stage? The Pet Rescue Gurus have created a video tutorial to aid you. It shows what we did in order to complete the level. Good luck!


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