Pet Rescue Saga Level 780

Hello fellow pet rescuers and welcome back! Today we will take a look at Pet Rescue Saga Level 780 and try to find out how exactly you can clear the level. Below you can find a video tutorial and a few written recommendations that will help.


– Rescue 12 pets

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 780 Tips

The best word for describing the Pet Rescue Saga Level 780 board is hourglass. On the board you will encounter balloons, normal blocks, double-caged blocks, timed blasters and, of course, pets. Your goal for this stage is to rescue 12 pets with 40 moves. We think you can do it if you follow our advice:

  • Our first move was blowing up the balloon. This created some space on our board. The next moves consisted of combinations for normal blocks.
  • New blocks will drop on your board. You will also receive line blasters which can be used to bring more pets towards the bottom.
  • Your main focus should be rescuing pets. Therefore, all combinations will be made in order to facilitate their rescue.
  • The line blaster is your booster for Pet Rescue Saga level 780. We recommend using it if you have too many line blasters on one column, or if it is impossible for you to clear blocks underneath pets.

Pet Rescue Level 780 Walkthrough Video

If you still cant save all 12 pets you should take a look at our video guide. In it you will see exactly what moves we made in order to crack the level. Good luck!


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