Pet Rescue Saga Level 783

We have to admit that this level was a bit of a nuisance. After several tries we managed to crack it. If you can’t seem to pass Pet Rescue Saga level 783 our tricks and video tutorial will definitely help.


– Rescue 10 pets

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 783 Tips

The first thing we thought after seeing this level was that it is probably difficult. We were right. The board contains locked pets, caged blocks, normal blocks, locked blocks, line blasters and, to top it all off, 2 brick walls that are isolating your pets and a metal block with the ability to create cages around other blocks.

So what do you have to do on Pet Rescue Saga Level 783? Your goal is to save 10 pets and obtain 3.000 points in no more than 50 moves. Here are a few helpful tricks for you:

  • Start with combinations of normal blocks in order bring line blasters in the ideal position. Line blasters will rotate 90 degrees after  every move. They should only be used to remove cages from your pets.
  • Once your pets are free you should try to use your key on the locked blocks. This will enable you to move them towards the bottom of the board.
  • The bonus tool for Pet Rescue Saga level 783 is the line blaster. We suggest that you use it on the columns to the left. This will make it easier for you to rescue pets. Alternatively, you can use line blasters once they align well.

Pet Rescue Level 783 Walkthrough Video

We hope that these tips have helped you make sense of Pet Rescue Saga level 783. If you are still having issues with this stage you should watch our video walkthrough. In it you will be able to see what we did in order to clear the stage.


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