Pet Rescue Saga Level 785

We don’t know about you, but clearing levels feel like the most difficult ones, because there is always that one pesky blocks that doesn’t want to go away. On Pet Rescue Saga level 785 you have to do just that: clear 100% of blocks. Here’s what we did to complete the stage:


– Clear 100% of the blocks

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 785 Tips

In order to complete Pet Rescue Saga Level 785 you will have to clear 15+10 rows of blocks. On the board you will encounter normal blocks, frozen bombs, caged & locked blocks, caged balloons and fire bombs. The following suggestions will help you clear the level:

  • The first combination you make near the caged (and timed) balloons will probably lead to an explosion. That’s because you have a balloon for every color on the board and by releasing them you will be able to clear most blocks.
  • The booster for Pet Rescue Saga Level 785 is the line blaster. You should save it for later, or utilize it in order to remove problematic rows of blocks.
  • To unlock bombs you must bring a frozen one next to a fire one. We suggest using them to clear solo blocks.
  • Continue with your combos and slowly make your way to the bottom of the board. If you have annoying solo-blocks left you should use the line blaster to remove them.

Pet Rescue Level 785 Walkthrough Video

We hope that the written tips helped you clear Pet Rescue Saga Level 785 quickly. In case they weren’t enough we also present you with a short video guide which shows exactly what we did in order to complete the level. Good luck!


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