Pet Rescue Saga Level 787

Hello again and welcome to our Pet Rescue Saga Level 787 walkthrough. We hope you are enjoying the game as much as us. On the following page you will find all the answers you need, as well as a video tutorial, for Pet Rescue Saga Level 787.


– Rescue 3 pets

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 787 Tips

Once again, you have to obtain 3.000 points and save 3 pets. This is a rather lengthy level, as you have to go through 30 rows of blocks. On the board you will encounter bombs, caged & double-caged blocks, normal blocks, diamonds and pet cages. The following tips should help you finish the level faster:

  • Your main focus should be moving your pets towards the bottom of the board. This can be done by making combinations of blocks. When making combinations you should also try to free your caged blocks.
  • The bonus tool for Pet Rescue Saga Level 787 is the line blaster. It will prove extremely effective against problematic columns of blocks. We recommend that you use it as often as possible. You can charge your booster faster by making big combinations.
  • Don’t worry if your pets get stuck in cages. You can free them with the help of your line blaster. Also try to take your diamonds to the bottom of the board for more points.

Pet Rescue Level 787 Walkthrough Video

We have also created a video tutorial for Pet Rescue Saga Level 787. We hope that it will help you complete this stage of the game faster. If you are still struggling with it feel free to leave a comment or contact us. Good luck!


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