Pet Rescue Saga Level 791

Can’t get around Pet Rescue Saga Level 791? Well, there’s no need to worry because we can guide you through the level as we have all the hints that you need to finish it. Here are some written tips and a video that will guide you through Pet Rescue Saga Level 791. Enjoy and good luck!


– Rescue 3 pets

– Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 791 Tips

Your goal for this level is to get 3.000 points and save 3 pets. This level isn’t particularly hard and getting all the points you need isn’t such a big deal but reaching 3,000 points can be a hassle. Here are some tips that will help you rescue the 3 pets and get the 3,000 points needed to complete the level.

  • Crushing larger sets of blocks will result in more points and you will definitely need all the points you can get in Pet Rescue Saga Level 791.
  • Guide your pets down on the ground in Pet Rescue Saga Level 791.
  • Break the carriers in case your pets get stuck in Pet Rescue Level 791.
  • The bonus tool in Pet Rescue Saga Level 791 is the line blaster. You can use it effectively to destroy columns of blocks that give you trouble. Use this bonus tool as often as you can. The line blaster can be charged faster by making larger combinations.
  • Destroy as much single blocks with different colors as you can in Pet Rescue Saga Level 791. This will help with your points as well as recharge your bonus tool.
  • Destroy groups of two or more blocks as often as you can in Pet Rescue Saga Level 791.

Pet Rescue Level 791 Walkthrough Video

Pet Rescue Saga Level 791 isn’t particularly hard but if you are stuck on this level you might want to check out the video we posted below. This tutorial will show the exact steps we took in order to complete Pet Rescue Saga Level 791. Enjoy.

For more questions or solutions on levels feel free to browse PetRescueGurus. We have completed all the levels of the game.


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