Pet Rescue Saga Level 82

petrescuelevel82 Target:
Save 5 pets
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 82 Tips

Level 82 is among the toughest Pet Rescue Levels (probably level 59 is equally tricky). You should use the ledges to your benefits and also you should move pets over columns with ledges! Once you’ve released all 4 pets and have enough matches for a rocket you should use it to untrap the pet on the left!

Notice: Exactly like Level 92 we noticed a glitch with level 82. Once a rocket is activated the game freezes. Our guru reported that this is a mobile glitch. This is why we suggest that you play the level on PC and continue with the next on your mobile device. Or you can give a go to puffin web browser that brings a fb/pc environment on your mobile.. we guess that if playing the game through puffin you won’t face the glitch!

Pet Rescue Level 82 Walkthrough Video

Watch our strategy in the following video in order to complete it with a 3 stars score, without using any boosters.

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