Pet Rescue Saga Level 824

Pet Rescue Saga Level 824

Pet Rescue Saga Level 824

Pet Rescue Saga Level 824 was one of the easiest levels that I have ever played, but I can see how someone can get stuck on it. Take a deep breath, and let’s embark together on this short, and sweet tutorial.



– Rescue 4 pets

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 824 Tips

When you’ll launch pet Rescue Saga Level 824, your objectives will pop on the screen. It entails that you need to rescue 4 pets, and get 3000 points. Not the hardest level. You can do it, c’mon, you saved 10 pets and scored 10000 points on a past level to get here. Don’t let this stop you! If you’ve got problems with Pet Rescue Saga Level 824, just scroll down and see our guide. If that doesn’t help, there’s always the video tutorial that will most definitely get you out of this nasty pickle situation!

  • In Pet Rescue Saga Level 824 you will need to tackle the 3000 points objective. Shouldn’t be that hard – it’s just 3000 points! Take your time, and organize yourself. You’ll be wanting to get the biggest combination of blocks, because not only you’ll get 3000 points in no-time, but you’ll recharge your bonus tool quite easily.
  • Your bonus tool for Pet Rescue Saga Level 824 is the Hammer. But if you play your cards right, you might end up not using it at all.
  • The Pet Rescue Saga Level 824 stage design shouldn’t be a problem, and there is no hidden thing that might threaten your 100 percent completion.

Pet Rescue Level 824 Walkthrough Video

Pet Rescue Saga Level 824 is quite one of the easiest levels so far. Rescuing only 4 pets, getting 3000 points, having the bonus tool Hammer available – what more do you need?  Well, take a look at the video waltrkthrough just down below if you have issues.

Also, feel free to post in the comments section below if you have any questions. Check our website for more level walkthroughs. We have finished the game, and we are updating the site with additional walkthroughs constantly!

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