Pet Rescue Saga Level 826

Pet Rescue Saga Level 826

Pet Rescue Saga Level 826

Pet Rescue Saga Level 826 annoyed the living hell out of me, but with a bit of luck I managed to get pass it. Yup, besides knowing what to do, and when to do it, you’ll also need luck on your side. Pet Rescue Saga Level 826 might require a couple of playthroughs before successfully finishing it, but once you do, you’ll scream out in joy! Objectives aren’t a problem, the level design is!


– Rescue 2 pets

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 826 Tips

So as soon as you launch Pet Rescue Saga Level 826 you’ll see that you need to rescue 2 pets, and 3000 points. That’s never a good sign. What do you mean only 2 pets, and 3000 points?! There must be a catch somewhere. And, unfortunately, yes, it is. The level design is more than horrible, and it will require some luck if you want to finish, and move on to other levels.

  • First off, you should definitely pick the Hammer – it’s the best bonus tool to use for Pet Rescue Saga Level 826. I mean it, others won’t help you as much as this one.
  • Secondly, you should try and focus on getting large combinations of blocks so you can recharge faster your bonus tool.
  • You should use the Hammer as much as you can in Pet Rescue Saga Level 826 – it’s a crucial element if you want to win.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, and think 4 steps at a time. You want bombs to help you out, not waste them!
  • The level design is horrible, so you should use bombs to bump crates off the screen as soon as you can.
  • There are only 2 pet in Pet Rescue Saga Level 826, but they are surrounded by unbreakable boxes!

Pet Rescue Level 826 Walkthrough Video

If you have problems with Pet Rescue Saga Level 826 you should definitely take a look at the video walktrough – it will help you tremendously!

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