Pet Rescue Saga Level 827

Pet Rescue Saga Level 827

Pet Rescue Saga Level 827

Pet Rescue Saga Level 827 isn’t about saving cute pets, it’s about getting points, and clearing the whole level of blocks. Yes, it does sound pretty hard, and pretty boring because there are no pets involved, but you have to finish Pet Rescue Saga Level 827 if you want to move forward! Also, Pet Rescue Saga Level 827 level design may be a problem.


– Clear 100% of the blocks

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 827 Tips

When you launch Pet Rescue Saga Level 827 you’ll notice that objectives don’t tell you to rescue any pets – strange indeed. But they do tell you that in order for you to move on you’ll need to clear 100% of the blocks, and score 3000 points. Pair the tedious act of clearing all of the blocks from the stage, with the fact that the level design is just annoying, and you get one of the hardest Pet Rescue Saga levels. Good thing we’re here to help!

  • If you want to complete Pet Rescue Saga Level 827 you will need to pick the Bucket of Paint. It’s the best bonus tool for this level.
  • No need to worry about getting 3000 points, because you need to clear 100% of the blocks in Pet Rescue Saga Level 827. You’ll eventually get there while you play the level.
  • Yes, the design for Pet Rescue Saga Level 827 is quite horrible, but you’ve seen worse. Don’t let this stop you!

Pet Rescue Level 827 Walkthrough Video

It will require a couple of playthroughs for you to move towards other levels. Check our video walkthrough down below if you have any issues. If you have problems with other levels, check our website for tutorials. We update them constantly, and Pet Rescue Saga Level 827 won’t be our last tutorial! We have completed them all, and we’ll be uploading them soon!

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