Pet Rescue Saga Level 828

Pet Rescue Saga Level 828

Pet Rescue Saga Level 828

Pet Rescue Saga Level 828 has one of the most peculiar looking level designs we have encountered so far. It’s pretty great, and it feels more fun than other straight-forward levels. You need to rescue just one tiny little pet, and get 3000 points. The latter is super manageable, but how do you get the pet through that maze-like level?


– Rescue 1 pets

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 828 Tips

So as soon as you launch Pet Rescue Saga Level 828 you’ll notice that something is way off. Just one pet to rescue? Something’s going to be hard, you can just feel it. 3000 points is a no-brainer to be honest. Pet Rescue Saga Level 828 has a level design I wouldn’t wish my enemies to encounter. Luckily, we managed to find the secret recipe. The tactic? Well, you need to be patient, and seize the moment. Don’t jump into things!

  • Your bonus tool of choice is the line-blaster for Pet Rescue Saga Level 828. You can’t finish it without it. Of course, you can try others, but they won’t be of help like the line-blaster.
  • Don’t focus just on one section of the stage, because you’ll later regret not picking more carefully combinations, and you’ll soon be out of moves.
  • Always destroys large combinations if possible. It will recharge your bonus tool faster, and trust me you’ll definitely use it.
  • In Pet Rescue Saga Level 828 you’ll need a little bit of luck on your side!

Pet Rescue Level 828 Walkthrough Video

We know that Pet Rescue Saga Level 828 is problematic, and that’s why he have this easy to understand  walkthrough video. You’ll most likely play Pet Rescue Saga Level 828 more than once until you get the hang of it, but don’t fret – we too played it until exhaustion! Without further ado I present you the Pet Rescue Saga Level 828 video walkthrough!

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