Pet Rescue Saga Level 830

Pet Rescue Saga Level 830

Pet Rescue Saga Level 830

Pet Rescue Saga Level 830 is a little bit tricky, considering that you need to save so many pets. Scoring points isn’t that hard, and you shouldn’t focus on it while you play – scoring points will come naturally. Level design isn’t a problem, but the blocks are spawned in a way that’s annoying. It’s really frustrating when you can’t match anything.


– Rescue 10 pets

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 830 Tips

When you launch Pet Rescue Saga Level 830 you’ll notice that you have two main objectives. Rescue 10 pets, and score 3000 points. Getting to 3000 points isn’t hard, and you can do so by naturally playing the game. Rescuing 10 pets on the other hand can be a little bit trick due to the fact that blocks are spawned in a way that won’t let you easily match, and pop them off the screen. What to do?

  • Pet Rescue Saga Level 830 is all about picking correctly your bonus tool. It should be the line-blaster, because it’s the only one that efficiently helps you!
  • Don’t focus on scoring 3000 points in Pet Rescue Saga Level 830, because you’ll eventually get there throughout he game.
  • Focus on large combinations of blocks, so you can recharge your bonus tool faster. Trust me, you’ll use it quite a lot throughout the game.
  • Pay attention to what combinations will lead you to bigger combinations.
  • Be careful what blocks you pop, or Pet Rescue Saga Level 830 might finish super-fast for you. It can lead to a stalemate where you can’t pop no-more blocks!

Pet Rescue Level 830 Walkthrough Video

Pet Rescue Saga Level 830 is supposed to be easy, but if you find it tricky, check our walkthrough video just down below. It will definitely help you on your journey of rescuing all the pets in Pet Rescue Saga.

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