Pet Rescue Saga Level 831

Pet Rescue Saga Level 831

Pet Rescue Saga Level 831

Pet Rescue Saga Level 831 is somewhat annoying, mainly because it has this particular level design which I just can’t stand. Pets aren’t positioned that bad in Pet Rescue Saga Level 831, and scoring shouldn’t be a problem – you’ll score the points required to finish the objective in no-time, actually, you’ll probably score three times the amount required.


– Rescue 6 pets

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 831 Tips

So, you just launched the Pet Rescue Saga Level 831 and you see your target for this level – rescue 6 pets, and score 3000 points. Shouldn’t be that hard? Well, level design is a little bit annoying. My main recommendation is don’t focus only on the middle of the screen because you’ll have a bad time at the end. While you pop blocks, the screen is going to scroll down – it’s not an intricate maze, but at the end, on the middle of the stage, there’s a horizontal line of unbreakable blocks.

  • Well, if you want to tackle Pet Rescue Saga Level 831 you’ll definitely need to choose your bonus tool the line-blaster – it’s the best one out of the bunch!
  • Scoring 3000 points in Pet Rescue Saga Level 831 shouldn’t be hard, and you will most likely score past 10.000 by the end of the level.
  • Rescuing 6 pets may be a bit difficult considering that pets, while they aren’t positioned that badly, can’t be that easily manoeuvred through the level design.
  • Try to pop as many blocks as you can, and larger combinations each time – it will recharge your bonus too faster, and trust me, you’ll use it this level!

Pet Rescue Level 831 Walkthrough Video

Pet Rescue Saga Level 831 isn’t he easiest one, but it ain’t really that hard. If you find it difficult, check our video walkthrough just down below – it will most definitely solve your mystery! Don’t forget, we have a ton of other Pet Rescue Saga tutorials on our website!

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