Pet Rescue Saga Level 832

Pet Rescue Saga Level 832

Pet Rescue Saga Level 832

Pet Rescue Saga Level 832 shouldn’t be hard, and I for one find it to be super-easy. You just need to pay attention, and pop large combinations of blocks. Think ahead 2, and even 3 moves. You don’t want to be stuck at 99 percent with unpoppable blocks, do you? Level design’t isn’t annoying – it’s actually your standard Pet Rescue Saga level.


– Clear 100% of the blocks

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 832 Tips

Before you start Pet Rescue Saga Level 832 you’ll notice that you’ve got two easily to complete objectives. Clear 100 percent of the blocks, and get 3000 points. Scoring that many points shouldn’t be a problem, and most likely you’ll score way over your goal. Clearing 100 percent of the blocks may be annoying if you have a happy trigger finger, but if you pay attention to our tutorial, you’ll finish Pet Rescue Saga Level 832 in no time!

  • You can finish Pet Rescue Saga Level 832 without using your bonus tool – it’s that easy. But if you absolutely  need it, You should choose the balloon blaster just in case you encounter pesky solo balloons.
  • Don’t forget to pop large combination of blocks in Pet Rescue Saga Level 832 so your bonus tool recharges faster.
  • You’ve got some un-caged line blasters out in the open. Use them with caution, because you might destroy combinations of blocks that might get you stuck in the end.
  • Pet Rescue Saga Level 832 is all about paying attention, and thinking 2 or 3 moves ahead.

Pet Rescue Level 832 Walkthrough Video

If you don’t finish it on your first try, don’t despair, and take a look at our Pet Rescue Saga Level 832 walkthrough video. See how our Pet Rescue Guru takes his time and then pops blocks? You should do so yourself. If you find yourself in a pickle on further levels, check back on us, because we’ve finished Pet Rescue Saga, and we are uploading video walkthroughs as soon as they are ready!

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