Pet Rescue Saga Level 833

Pet Rescue Saga Level 833

Pet Rescue Saga Level 833

Pet Rescue Saga Level 833 is indeed super-hard, and you’ll require a little bit of luck to be on your side! It’s not impossible that’s for sure. Don’t beat yourself too hard if you don’t finish it on your first try. It will most likely require a couple of tries to get past this pesky level. Level design’ ain’t that awful, but I can see how someone can get stuck in it!


– Rescue 4 pets

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 833 Tips

You don’t have that many pets to rescue in Pet Rescue Saga Level 833, and scoring 3000 points shouldn’t be impossible. Knowing how to pop blocks, and when to pop them is crucial if you want to get pass Pet Rescue Saga Level 833. Locked blocks are present in this level, and you’ll require to pop a key to unlock them. But if you’re too fast on popping everything, you might miss your opportunity, so pay attention to our tutorial!

  • So as soon as you start Pet Rescue Saga Level 833 you’ll notice that you need to rescue 4 pets, and score 3000 points. Focus on rescuing pets, because scoring will come naturally, and you’ll definitely score way over the goal.
  • The bonus tool for Pet Rescue Saga Level 833 should be the line blaster, because it’s the most efficient tool for this level.
  • Pop large combinations of blocks so you can recharge your bonus tool faster.
  • Pet Rescue Saga Level 833 will offer you a paint-bucket that you can use once you get rid of blocks near it. Use it to set the key free, so you can get pass the first wall of locked blocks.
  • The last wall of locked blocks is at the end, and you should use your line-blaster to position it as best as you can!

Pet Rescue Level 833 Walkthrough Video

Pet Rescue Saga Level 833 is by no means impossible, but it’s pretty hard. If you have problems with this level, check our video walkthrough just down below.

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