Pet Rescue Saga Level 837

Pet Rescue Saga Level 837

Pet Rescue Saga Level 837

Pet Rescue Saga Level 837 is one of those levels that appear hard at first, but as soon as you start popping blocks left, and right, you know you’ll finish it super-fast. Now, Pet Rescue Saga Level 837 may be a little bit annoying, and if you find yourself stuck on this level scroll down, and check our guide – it’s short, and sweet just as you like it!


– Rescue 9 pets

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 837 Tips

So you launched Pet Rescue Saga Level 837 and you saw that you have to rescue 9 pets, and score 3000 points. Scoring points doesn’t scare you anymore, because you know that they come naturally while you play the game. Rescuing 9 pets is a feat you’ve done before – actually you saved 25+, so this shouldn’t be a problem. You’re wondering now about the level design, and as soon as you see those paint buckets you think that’s it’s going to be a horrendous level. But it isn’t, and here’s why.

  • Pet Rescue Saga Level 837 isn’t hard, and those paint buckets shouldn’t scare you off – they’re actually pretty useless, and you’ll end up playing the game without especially triggering them.
  • Your bonus tool for Pet Rescue Saga Level 837 should be the hammer so you can easily pop the line/column blasters.
  • Pop large combinations of block so you can recharge your hammer quick – it depends on your playstyle if you end up using it a lot, or just once this level.

Pet Rescue Level 837 Walkthrough Video

If you find yourself stuck on Pet Rescue Saga Level 837 check our video tutorial just down below. I know I’ve been stuck on stupid-easy levels in the past, so there’s not shame in getting a little bit of help once in a while.

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