Pet Rescue Saga Level 839

PetRescueGuru Level 839

PetRescueGuru Level 839

Pet Rescue Saga level 839 is one of the easiest levels. Rescuing pets is hardly a challenge, and the level design is straightforward. Seriously, it shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes to finish it. You don’t even have a certain number of moves that you need to abide too. Without further ado, I present you the target objectives.


– Rescue 5 pets

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 839 Tips

Pre-launch, you’ll notice that you have two main objectives. The first one tells you that you need to rescue 5 pets, and the second one is about scoring 3000 points. Easy peasy for sure. No move limit, not horrible level design. Pet Rescue Saga level 839 is your ordinary level.

  • The bonus tool of choice for Pet Rescue Saga Level 839 should be the bucket of paint. You probably won’t even use it once for the entire duration of the level, but it’s nice to have in handy.
  • If you do use the bucket of paint, keep in mind, that if you want it to recharge faster, you need to pop large combinations of blocks.
  • There are 2 unbreakable blocks on the middle of the screen, but you shouldn’t worry that much about them because it’s almost impossible for your pets to get stuck on them.
  • There are a couple of bombs in Pet Rescue Saga Level 839 that are nice to have at the end so you can finish super-fast.

Pet Rescue Level 839 Walkthrough Video

Like I said before, Pet Rescue Saga Level 839 isn’t hard, it’s actually pretty easy, but if you encounter problems along the way, check our video walkthrough just down below. It will most likely help you. Don’t forget, if you get stuck on other levels, we have other Pet Rescue Saga walkthroughs, just search our website! Enjoy!

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